A Carefully Landscaped Miniature Golf Course Offering Quite the Challenge

A fun packed place for friends and family! White Farms Ice Cream proudly welcomed it’s miniature golf course last season and are anticipating a great turnout this year. Now the high school and college age students have a place to gather, eat and compete. Nothing bonds a friendship more than a little fun rivalry.

The White Farms Miniature Golf course is not your typical themes or clown-faced course. Our golf course was designed to offer a competitive and challenging edge. We have included fountains and a stream of dyed blue water, water traps, sand traps, and even a rough.

Our course draws on the natural elements of our rural setting on Route 133. Water traps, rocks, and logs are natural hazards. Long, sloping greens aim to test skill more than luck.

This is a competitive course. It’s difficult, but fun. We wanted to make it something that people would keep coming back to play . . . where they want to try to score better and better.

The idea originated with Rob a few years ago after trekking out to Middleton in pursuit of a place for the family to go for some fun – nearby. A few hours of traffic later, Rob had time to think and decided that the course will be a good addition to the ice cream and Pizza stand. The desire was to create another family-friendly activity for nearby residents.

Caramel Cow — named for our popular White Farms flavor — is the newest player in our lineup of colorful characters and whacky holes on our miniature golf course. She will let out a deep “mooooo” every time you hit a ball into her mouth.

Be sure to stop in and pay us a visit. Take in some wonderfully portioned and flavorful home-made ice cream – and then work off some of those calories at our new miniature golf course.

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