White Farms Home Made Ice Cream has been a family owned and operated establishment since opening it’s doors in 1958 for operation. We have been serving our home made ice cream to residents and visitors to Ipswich for more than fifty-seven years!

Below are some FUN FACTS about some of our favorite things. Our topics include (1) all things ice cream, (2) White Farms Home Made Ice Cream and the town of Ipswich, (3) Miniature Golf and (4) our favorite local celebrity Switch Witch. Be sure to read up on our fun facts so you are able to answer the mystery questions. Correct responses guarantee your next ice cream is on us!

We will post a question from this page on our FACEBOOK page for people to respond with their answers. Rules to participate will be posted on our FACEBOOK page along with the question.

Traces of inhabitants in the Ipswich area ten thousand years ago have been found in the vicinity of where?

Bull Brook

Alexander the Great enjoyed snow and ice flavored with what?

Honey & Nectar

When and from where was the famous orange T-Rex delivered to Saugus Mini Golf Course?

Looking to attract passing motorists with something flashy, Melchionna hauled in the Tyrannosaurus Rex on a flatbed from South Boston in 1960.

What is the name of America’s Favorite Witch

Switch Witch!  Visit SWITCH WITCH to learn more!